Get naked wear a shirt

Marie Marot has something radical. An attitude that goes straight to the point, which pushes her to seek perfection, just as the sweet souvenir of the Chanel tweeds her grand-mother used to wear : “people expect me to design jackets, accessories, but for now, I would feel like betraying myself”. Marie likes things simple, bare, and the sensuality of a cotton shirt that caresses the skin.

Marie Marot likes boyish looks, the soft sensation of long hair touching the soft fabric on a shoulder. A aime les codes masculins, les jeux de peaux sous les cols amidonnés. A mere sobriety that echoes her designs, when her tailor-cut shirts turn suddenly slightly irreverent, between Eau de Cologne and wilder scents. Absolute modernity.

Spotted and distributed by Colette since 2013, she partners up with the greatest retailers, from Selfridges to Edit or Takashiyama. Marie goes from special projects to cobrandings with iconic Maisons (Marc Jacobs, Saint James…). Her cottons and silks of one-of-a-kind quality are favorites among loyal customer from different generation and backgrounds, who share with her a passion for classics.

Cotton, silk, skin, and other things.

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