Get naked wear a shirt

Marie Marot’s shirts are made in France from A to Z.

This 100% French workmanship, a renowned quality heritage, is crucially important for the designer.

It allows for constant feedback between the brand and its manufacturer, communication centered around their common ideal of creating a garment that is made to last and of fully satisfying the client’s legitimate expectations.

By choosing the Made in France label, Marie Marot also wishes to take part in a wider movement toward the local preservation of a textile heritage that is still very much alive.

Producing in France means perpetuating the savoir-faire of manufacturers, experts in warp and weft, who work hard to preserve and pass on their expertise.

But it also means finding paths to make it evolve, particularly by adapting the traditional techniques of men’s shirtmaking to a womenswear universe. The upshot of this collective endeavor being to represent this dynamic and unique Made in France craftsmanship within the most exclusive retail spots in the world.

In an authentic drive for long-lasting quality, constant care is bestowed on finishings, the sturdiness of seams, buttons, as well as to the choice of fabrics, so that you may have a long lasting relationship with your Marie Marot shirt. In any and all circumstances.

Made to be worn day, night and weekend, with skirts or trousers, they defend two fundamental concepts: comfortable elegance and polyvalent clothing.

Pure lines, varied shapes, the sensuality of beautiful coton poplin, the quality of a longstanding French manufacturing tradition all contribute to making these upscale shirts the basics from which to build a feminine, timeless and meticulous style.

Spotted and distributed by Colette since 2014, she partners up with the greatest retailers, from Selfridges to Edit or Takashiyama. Marie goes from special projects to cobrandings with iconic Maisons (Marc Jacobs, Saint James, Eric Bompard…).


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